Blueberry Apple Jam

Blueberry Apple Jam
Quantity Ingredient
200 g Blueberries
400 g Apple
0,1 l Apple juice
350 g Gelier sugar 2:1
1 tsp Lemon juice

For blueberry apple jam, first pour the blueberries into a saucepan. Peel apples, cut into small cubes and weigh. Add apple, apple juice and gelling sugar. Bring to the boil stirring. When the jam is boiling, cook for another 4 minutes. Flavour blueberry apple jam with lemon juice. Puree the blueberry apple jam and fill into jars while still hot. If you eat 20 g blueberry apple jam per serving, that's about 25 kcal.

Servings: 2, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 15 minutes, Total duration: 15 minutes

All data per serving:
895 kcal
222 g
2 g
2 g

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