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Aloha Meatballs Fingerfood

Aloha Meatballs Fingerfood

Aloha Meatballs finger food can be served hot or cold. Knead the minced meat, egg and breadcrumbs into flour. Finely dice the shallot and mix in. Season with pepper, salt and ginger. Form 16 Aloha Meatballs with slightly moistened hands. Brown in oil. For the finger food sauce, add pineapple pieces and juice. Add soy sauce, vinegar and sugar. Bring to the boil. Mix starch with a little cold water. Tie the sauce with it. Swing Aloha Meatballs in the pan and remove. Let the sauce cool slightly. Aloha Meatballs fingerfood alternating with pineapple and cherries on skewers. The sauce can be served with finger food.

Servings: 16, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 20 minutes, Total duration: 20 minutes

All data per serving:
49 kcal
4 g
4 g
2 g

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