Recipe (english)

Bruschetta with Gorgonzola

Bruschetta with Gorgonzola
Quantity Ingredient
80 g Ciabatta bread
80 g Gorgonzola cheese
40 g Pickled peppers

Bruschetta with gorgonzola tastes particularly crispy with fresh ciabatta bread. Cut four slightly thicker slices from the ciabatta bread and roast in a toaster. Cut a garlic clove in half. Rub the hot bruschetta on the surface and coat with gorgonzola. Drain the grilled peppers from the glass, cut into strips and arrange on the bruschetta with gorgonzola. Bruschetta with gorgonzola tastes very good as antipasti with a glass of wine. If you want to prepare it in larger quantities for a buffet, you can also bake bruschetta in the oven.

Servings: 4, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 15 minutes, Total duration: 15 minutes

All data per serving:
166 kcal
11 g
6 g
8 g

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