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Antipasti plate

Antipasti plate

For the antipasti plate, first cut off a lid from the tomatoes. Remove cores. Put a scoop of mozzarella in each of the tomatoes. Pour the vinaigrette into a bowl. Season with pressed garlic, pepper and salt. Cut the basil into strips and stir in. Turn the tomato mozzarella in the vinaigrette, drain and place on the antipasti plate. Cut the pickled artichokes, hearts and peppers into pieces. Serve on the antipasti plate. Cut the parma, salami and cheese into slices and spread on the antipasti plate. Sprinkle the antipasti plate with green olives. Serve with grissini.

Servings: 2, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 15 minutes, Total duration: 15 minutes

All data per serving:
568 kcal
16 g
34 g
37 g

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