Avocado Sauce

Avocado Sauce
Quantity Ingredient
1 Avocado
2 tbsp Lime juice
Pepper & Salt
0,5 Chilli pod

Avocado sauce tastes slightly spicy and goes particularly well with grilled steak or chicken and baked potatoes. For the avocado sauce, use a ripe avocado, the skin of which yields under light pressure. Cut the avocado lengthwise all around and remove both halves from the thick centre core by turning it. Peel the skin of the avocado, crush the avocado and pour into a mixing bowl. Add freshly squeezed lime juice and purée the avocado until creamy, as shown in the picture above. Season the avocado sauce with pepper, salt and pressed garlic. Halve half a chilli pepper lengthways. Remove the very sharp white seeds. Dice the chilli as finely as possible and mix into the avocado sauce. Put the avocado sauce in the fridge until serving.

Servings: 2, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 5 minutes, Total duration: 5 minutes

All data per serving:
225 kcal
8 g
2 g
24 g

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