Franconian Baunzer - Schupf Noodles

Franconian Baunzer - Schupf Noodles
Quantity Ingredient
500 g Potatoes
1 Onions
1 Apple
1 Eggs
0,125 l Milk
150 g Wheat Flour Type 405
0,5 tsp Sugar
30 g Butter Lard
300 g Apple compote

Fränkische Baunzer - Schupf noodles are prepared with onions and apples. For Fränkische Baunzer - Schupf noodles first boil Pell potatoes. Dice the onions and put them in a bowl. Peel the apple, cut into very fine cubes and mix with the onions. Peel the potatoes, press them hot through the potato press and mix in. Knead in egg, milk and flour. Season the dough with salt. Round off with sugar. For Fränkische Baunzer - Schupf Nudeln dust a kitchen board with flour. Rub hands with flour. Sprinkle some flour over the dough. Form small balls from the dough. Roll noodles on the board to finger-thick Schupf. Heat the lard in portions in a pan. Fry Franconian Baunzer in several portions until golden yellow. Serve with apple compote.

Servings: 3, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 30 minutes, Total duration: 30 minutes

All data per serving:
526 kcal
91 g
13 g
15 g

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