For canapés it is best to choose a small selection of different toppings, so that everyone can choose between smoked salmon, cheese or cold cuts of beef and pork according to their personal preference. Canapes are quick and easy to prepare. When decorating, make sure not to use too many different ingredients. For the canapes, cut the baguette into 12 slightly thicker slices. Spread half of the canapes with butter and the other half with a thin layer of remoulade. Place a small leaf of lettuce on top. Arrange smoked salmon on three canapes with remoulade and decorate with a swab of remoulade and some dill. Arrange on three canapes with butter tartar, decorate with pepper, salt, capers and fine slices of shallot. Fill Bresso into a piping bag with star spout and sprinkle on three canapes with butter. Quarter very small cherry tomatoes and arrange on top. Arrange the prosciutto cotto on the remaining canapes, decorate with remoulade and cherry tomatoes.

Servings: 12, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 30 minutes, Total duration: 30 minutes

All data per serving:
74 kcal
6 g
5 g
3 g

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