White Sausage Hot Dog

White Sausage Hot Dog
Quantity Ingredient
4 White sausage
2 Lye stick
80 g Cabbage Salad
4 tsp Sweet mustard

Weiß Wurst Hot Dog is a delicious variation of Danish Hot Dog. The Weiß Wurst Hot Dog tastes more hearty and can easily be prepared in larger quantities. Bring sufficient water to the boil in a saucepan. Reduce the temperature to a low level and let the white sausage steep in hot water for approx. 10 minutes. The water should not boil any more, so that the white sausage does not burst. Meanwhile, cut one lye bar per portion lengthwise. Place the cabbage salad in a sieve and drain well. I have additionally squeezed out the cabbage salad so that the leach stick remains crispy and does not so quickly soak. Spread the cabbage lettuce on the lower half of the lye stick. The best way to remove the white sausage from the water is to use a skimmer, let it drip off and remove the skimmer, as shown in the picture above. Place two white sausages each on the cabbage salad and spread with sweet mustard. Place the top half on the white sausage hot dog, press lightly and serve immediately.

Servings: 2, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 10 minutes, Total duration: 10 minutes

All data per serving:
711 kcal
60 g
28 g
39 g

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