Greek tomatoes Rice

Greek tomatoes Rice
Quantity Ingredient
2 Tomatoes
1 Onions
1 tbsp Olive Oil
120 g Rice
2 tbsp Cream
1 tbsp Tomato puree
0,2 l Vegetable broth
2 tbsp Smooth parsley

Greek tomato rice goes well with gyros or steak. Pour boiling water over the tomatoes, skin and dice them. Cut onion and garlic into cubes. Fry onions, garlic and rice in oil until translucent. Stir in cream. Stir in tomato paste and tomato cubes. Pour in a strong broth. Put the lid on. Boil up Greek rice briefly. Leave to swell for 20 minutes on low heat. Remove the lid. Simmer Greek tomato rice until the liquid has almost completely evaporated. Cut parsley into fine strips and mix in.

Servings: 3, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 10 minutes, Total duration: 30 minutes

All data per serving:
241 kcal
39 g
5 g
8 g

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