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Pork fillet with mushroom noodles

Pork fillet with mushroom noodles

Pork fillet with mushroom noodles is a low-calorie dish that can also be prepared during a diet. The dish tastes particularly aromatic when used to season fresh rosemary. First boil Fusilli or other noodles in plenty of salted water until al dente. Meanwhile, cut the pork fillet into thin slices with a sharp chef's knife. Do not put the mushrooms in water to clean them, otherwise they will suck and become spongy when roasted. It is sufficient to rub them with a soft cloth for cleaning and cut the cut thinly from the end of the stem. Cut the mushrooms into thin slices. Clean the spring onions and cut them into rings. Peel garlic cloves and cut into fine slices. Heat a stainless steel frying pan and check with a drop of water whether it is hot enough. When the drop evaporates immediately, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the pork tenderloin vigorously on both sides. Only turn the meat over with a turner if it can be easily removed from the bottom of the pan so that the meat fibres do not tear. For decoration, as shown in the picture above, set aside some tips of the rosemary twigs. Remove the remaining needles from the rosemary twigs, chop finely and fry briefly. Remove the meat from the frying pan, keep warm and collect the gravy. Add 1 tablespoon olive oil to the frying pan and sauté the mushrooms vigorously. Lower the temperature to medium and add the spring onions and garlic. Season the vegetables with ground pepper and salt. Add the stock and remove the stock from the bottom of the frying pan. Add the milk and set the temperature to the lowest level. Stir cream fraiche into the vegetables and season with finely grated lemon zest of an untreated organic lemon. Stir the collected gravy from the pork fillet into the sauce. Pour the cooked noodles into a sieve. The cooking water can be used to heat the plates. Drain the pasta and mix with the vegetables in the frying pan. Arrange the fillet of pork with the mushroom noodles on preheated plates and decorate with the rosemary tips set aside.

Servings: 3, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 30 minutes, Total duration: 30 minutes

All data per serving:
480 kcal
38 g
30 g
24 g

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