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Blue Tip Brat Sausage

Blue Tip Brat Sausage

Blaue Zipfel Brat Wurst is a dish from Franconia. Blaue Zipfel is usually made from raw Franconian sausage, which tarnishes slightly bluish in a strongly spiced vinegar brew, giving it its name. Peel onions, halve and cut into thin slices. Put the onions in a saucepan. Sprinkle with wine. Add vinegar and water. Season with bay leaf, cloves, juniper berries, pepper grains, salt and sugar. Peel the carrots, cut into 5 cm long pieces and add to the broth. Put on a lid and bring to the boil. Reduce temperature and simmer for 5 minutes. Switch temperature to lowest level. Remove cover. Let the sausage steep for at least 30 minutes. Do not boil blue tails of sausage so that they do not burst open. The longer Blaue Zipfel Bratst draws sausage in the brew, the more intensively it absorbs the aromas of the spices. Blue tails fried sausage is served in deep plates with some broth, onions and carrots.

Servings: 3, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 5 minutes, Total duration: 30 minutes

All data per serving:
477 kcal
13 g
13 g
31 g

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