Wine dough

Wine dough
Quantity Ingredient
150 g Wheat Flour Type 405
0,25 l White Wine
2 Egg Yellow
2 Egg White

Wine dough is suitable for baking various ingredients in the deep fryer. Mix flour and white wine to a smooth dough. Stir the egg yolk into the wine dough and season with salt. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold in loosely with a whisk. Do not stir too much so that the foam does not collapse and the wine retains its airy consistency. The amount of wine dough is enough for 500 g of meat, fish, vegetables or fruit.

Servings: 3, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 10 minutes, Total duration: 10 minutes

All data per serving:
279 kcal
36 g
9 g
4 g

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