Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake
Quantity Ingredient
8 leaf Gelatine
250 g Speculatius Biscuits
125 g Butter
500 g Quark
500 g Mascarpone Fresh Cheese
4 tbsp Honey
200 g Sugar
2 tbsp Ground cinnamon
0,25 l Cream
30 g Meringue biscuits
1 tbsp Cocoa powder

This Christmas cake can be prepared quickly and easily because it is not baked. Soak gelatine in cold water. Crumble the Spekulatius as finely as possible or better crumble it with the grater of the food processor and knead it with soft butter. Place a 24 cake ring on a cake plate. Fill in Speculatius mass and press firmly. Mix quark with mascarpone, liquid honey, sugar and cinnamon. Squeeze out the gelatine slightly, place in a saucepan and heat slightly while stirring until the gelatine has dissolved. Remove the pot from the heat and stir 1-2 tablespoons of quark mixture into the gelatine until the mixture is smooth. Add the gelatine to the rest of the quark and mix until smooth. The gelatine can't lump like this. Whip the cream until stiff and fold into the quark. Fill the quark into the cake ring and smooth down. Place the Christmas cake in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. Shortly before serving, crumble the meringue, spread over the Christmas cake and sprinkle with cocoa powder.

Servings: 12, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 20 minutes, Total duration: 2 hours

All data per serving:
561 kcal
47 g
10 g
36 g

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