Adams Delight non-alcoholic

Adams Delight non-alcoholic
Quantity Ingredient
1 Mango
5 tbsp Crushed ice
4 cl Passion fruit syrup
4 cl Lime juice
1 tsp Sugar
0,25 tsp Ground Vanilla
0,25 tsp Lime peel
3 Ice cube

Adams Delight non-alcoholic is a fruity long drink with a slightly creamy consistency. Adams Delight non-alcoholic is served in a pre-cooled cocktail bowl. Peel the mango. Cut the flesh from the core of the fruit, puree and set aside. Pour crushed ice into a cocktail shaker. Pour the syrup over it. Add lime juice, sugar, vanilla and grated lime peel. Shake Adams Delight vigorously, non-alcoholic. Pour the mango puree into the cocktail bowl. Pour Adams Delight non-alcoholic through a sieve and stir. Add fresh ice cubes. Decorate the glass with a slice of lime.

Servings: 1, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 5 minutes, Total duration: 5 minutes

All data per serving:
303 kcal
85 g
3 g
0 g

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