Strawberry Orange Jam

Strawberry Orange Jam
Quantity Ingredient
750 g Strawberries
2 Orange
1 Lemons
500 g Gelier sugar 2:1

The amount of strawberry orange jam is enough for 3 jam jars. Wash, clean and halve the strawberries. Weigh 750 g. Pour into a pot. Mix with 500 g of gelatine sugar. Squeeze oranges and lemons. Add juice. Bring to the boil. From the moment the strawberry orange marmalade is cooked for 8 minutes while stirring. Lightly mash the strawberry and orange jam with a potato masher. Fill jam into glasses while still hot. The calories are calculated per glass. If you eat about 20 g of strawberry orange jam per portion, that's about 40 calories.

Servings: 3, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 20 minutes, Total duration: 20 minutes

All data per serving:
822 kcal
197 g
4 g
3 g

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