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Mushrooms au gratin

Mushrooms au gratin

Mushrooms au gratin is a very tasty mushroom dish that can also be served in the evening as a snack with a glass of wine. For mushrooms au gratin, use fresh mushrooms as they have a particularly aromatic taste. Rub mushrooms with a dry soft cloth or, if necessary, rinse briefly under running water, dry well and cut into slices. Heat the butter in a coated pan and fry the mushrooms with the diced onions. Deglaze the roast stock with white wine, fill the sauce with water, bring to the boil briefly and thicken with dark sauce thickener. Lower the temperature to level 2 and season the sauce with pepper, salt, thyme and freshly squeezed garlic. Put aside two small twigs of thyme for decoration, as shown in the picture above. Put mushrooms with sauce in a baking dish and sprinkle with grated Edam. Set the oven grill to level 3, place the baking dish on the middle shelf and gratinate the mushrooms until the cheese melts. That takes about 4-5 minutes. Decorate the mushrooms au gratin with thyme and serve with baguette bread rolls to pick up the sauce.

Servings: 2, Difficulty: 
Preparation time: 20 minutes, Total duration: 30 minutes

All data per serving:
252 kcal
30 g
14 g
8 g

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