Yeast Wheat Beer

Yeast Wheat Beer

Yeast wheat beer, white beer, wheat beer or briefly called wheat beer, is available with addition of fresh yeast, or crystal clear (without yeast). The name does not determine the colour, but the brewing process. Yeast wheat beer is a top-fermented brewed beer.

All data per 100 g:
43 kcal
3 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Yeast Wheat Beer

Allgäu sausage salad
Allgäu sausage salad The special thing about the Allgäu sausage salad is that the marinade is prepared with a little white beer. The rest of the white beer can be served as a drink with the Allgäu sausage salad. ...
Banana Wheat Beer
Banana Wheat Beer tastes best with yeast white beer. The banana taste harmonizes well with the fresh taste of white beer and gives it only a slight sweetness. ...
Cheese Wheat Beer Rolls
Cheese Wheat Beer Rolls These cheese wheat beer rolls can be prepared quickly because no time is needed to walk. Mix flour, baking powder, finely grated cheese, herbs of Provence, caraway and 1 teaspoon salt. ...
Obatzter Lye Pretzel Plate
Obatzter Lye Pretzel Plate Obatzter pretzel plate can be served as a starter and tastes good with a glass of white beer. Fresh pretzels taste best with it. ...
Passion Fruit Wheat Beer
Passion Fruit Wheat Beer is a refreshing summer drink with little alcohol. For Passion Fruit Wheat Beer, first pour well chilled Wheat Beer slowly into a tall glass to avoid too much froth. ...
Wheat Beer Bowl
Wheat Beer Bowl This wheat beer punch has an intense lime aroma, does not taste too sweet and is very refreshing. For the wheat beer punch all ingredients should be well cooled beforehand. ...
Wheat Beer Mojito
Wheat Beer Mojito is a very refreshing long drink. For wheat beer mojito mint twigs put in a large mug glass. ...
White Beer Lemon
White Beer Lemon is a very refreshing beer mixed drink, which is also called soot in Bavaria. The white beer and the white soda or lemonade should be well chilled. ...

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