Woodruff can be found fresh in early May in beech forests or buy it in small herb pots. It should not yet be in bloom. To develop its full aroma, woodruff should have wilted for a day before use. It can also be frozen for a few minutes in the freezer. After thawing, woodruff smells intense and is more aromatic than when used fresh. So that the taste is not too sharp and intrusive, it should steep in woodruff punch only 10 to 15 minutes.

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Recipes with Woodruff

Bananas Berliner Weisse
Bananas Berliner Weisse can easily be prepared with banana liqueur. But if you get fresh woodruff, you can put a twig in the glass, which gives the Bananen Berliner Weisse a fine woodruff aroma that harmonizes well with the banana liqueur. ...
Longdrink Green Lady
Longdrink Green Lady The Longdrink Green Lady is a light summery longdrink with a woodruff aroma that is served chilled. Wash a lime, rub dry and cut off a slice of lime for decoration. ...
Mai punch with strawberries
Mai punch with strawberries is prepared with fresh woodruff. The aroma of the woodruff unfolds most intensively when you put the woodruff in the freezer for a few minutes or let him wither for a day. ...
May Bowl
May Bowl For the Mai Bowle use a well chilled tart fruity white wine. Add fresh peppermint leaves, strawberry leaves, currant leaves and possibly some strawberry blossoms to the white wine. ...
Philadelphia Woodruff Cake
Philadelphia Woodruff Cake keeps fresh in the refrigerator for 3 days. Mix a bag of 16 g Waldmeister Götter food in a pot with 100 g sugar. ...
Strawberry Quark Food Tartlets
Strawberry Quark Food Tartlets Strawberry curd cheese tartlets are quick and easy to prepare. For the strawberry puree, first puree 100 g strawberries with syrup and lemon juice. ...
Strawberry Woodruff Yoghurt
Strawberry Woodruff Yoghurt Strawberry woodruff yogurt tastes particularly refreshing when well chilled. Pour the yoghurt into a bowl. ...
Woodruff Bowl
Woodruff Bowl For the Waldmeister punch use a well chilled Moselle wine. Tie fresh woodruff together on the stems and hang in the woodruff punch so that the stems do not dip into the wine. ...
Woodruff Bowl non-alcoholic
Woodruff Bowl non-alcoholic is a refreshing summer drink for adults. To allow the aroma of the woodruff to fully unfold, the woodruff should either be lightly withered one day before preparation or placed in the freezer for 1-2 minutes. ...

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