White cabbage

White cabbage

White cabbage can be bought all year round as there are different kinds of cabbage from early morning to winter. The leaves are pale green and covered with a thin layer of shiny wax. White cabbage is usually cooked in a stew cut into small pieces. But you can also blanch the leaves, fill them with minced meat and stew them as cabbage roulades or as a layer of cabbage. White cabbage is usually seasoned with caraway for better digestion. For raw salads such as white cabbage salad is suitable the milder and more digestible Jaroma cabbage, which has a slightly flattened head shape.

All data per 100 g:
25 kcal
6 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with White cabbage

Bavarian cabbage
Bavarian cabbage For Bayrisch Kraut, first cut white cabbage into strips. Cut onion into small cubes. ...
Bavarian cabbage hot dog
Bavarian cabbage hot dog is a hearty variation of the classic hot dog. Cut the cabbage into fine strips. ...
Bavarian cabbage meat loaf
Bavarian cabbage meat loaf is baked in the oven. It tastes very juicy and hearty. ...
Bavarian cabbage salad & lye pretzel
Bavarian cabbage salad & lye pretzel Bavarian cabbage salad with lye pretzel can be prepared quickly and easily even in larger quantities. Cut the cabbage and paprika into fine strips and fill into a bowl. ...
Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl
Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl For Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl cabbage in fine strips cut. Dice the bacon and onions. ...
Bavarian cabbage with bacon
Bavarian cabbage with bacon For Bavarian cabbage with bacon, white cabbage is cut into fine strips. Cut streaky bacon into cubes. ...
Bigos Polish cabbage stew
Bigos Polish cabbage stew keeps up to three days in the refrigerator and tastes best warmed up. Dice bacon and onion and fry in lard. ...
Borscht vegetable soup
Borscht vegetable soup For borscht vegetable soup High rib and pork neck in a large pot. Half of the soup vegetables and 1 onion crush, add and cover with cold water. ...
Böfflamott with Bavarian cabbage & dumplings
Böfflamott with Bavarian cabbage & dumplings For Böfflamott with Bavarian cabbage beef braised roast is pickled. For this, boil red wine vinegar, red wine, mustard seeds, juniper berries, bay leaves and spice cloves. ...

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