Wheat wholemeal flour

Wheat wholemeal flour

Wheat wholemeal flour is slightly darker than wheat flour because the whole wheat grain is ground with germs and husk. This preserves all important minerals, vitamins and fibre. Wheat wholemeal flour is often used for baking dark mixed breads or for hearty rolls. However, you can also use wheat wholemeal flour for baking cakes or savoury pastries, but then you should increase the amount of liquid in the recipe a little.

All data per 100 g:
309 kcal
60 g
12 g
2 g

Recipes with Wheat wholemeal flour

Black Bread BBA
Black Bread BBA means that the bread is baked in bread baking machines. This lighter but slightly spicy black bread has a shelf life of several days and tastes best when cut into thin slices of about 0.5 cm to 1 cm thickness. ...
Bulgur bread
Bulgur bread tastes best freshly baked. The next day the bread slices can be toasted. ...
Chapati Indian flat bread
Chapati Indian flat bread is simply baked in the pan. Mix flour with salt. ...
Cheese Tartlets
Cheese Tartlets For the cheese tartlets you need small moulds with a diameter of 10 cm. Mix wholemeal wheat flour with flour type 1050 and a pinch of salt. ...
Cheese Wheat Beer Rolls
Cheese Wheat Beer Rolls These cheese wheat beer rolls can be prepared quickly because no time is needed to walk. Mix flour, baking powder, finely grated cheese, herbs of Provence, caraway and 1 teaspoon salt. ...
Chili con Carne Bread
Chili con Carne Bread is a spicy juicy bread that tastes very good as a side dish to Chili con Carne or can be served with bread spread. For the Chili con Carne bread dice onions and garlic. ...
Hearty Muffins with Tzatziki
Hearty Muffins with Tzatziki For hearty muffins with tzatziki, preheat the oven to 200° and grease the recesses of a muffin tin. Wheat wholemeal flour with baking powder and a strong pinch of salt season. ...
Hearty waffles
Hearty waffles Hearty wafers are full-bodied, well satiating and replace a small main meal. Freshly baked from the waffle iron, savory waffles taste best. ...
Irish Butter Milk Bread
Irish Butter Milk Bread is a hearty rustic bread that can be baked very easily. Mix wholemeal wheat flour with wholemeal spelt flour, dry yeast and baking soda and season with two level teaspoons of salt. ...

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