Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil

Walnut oil is obtained by hot or cold pressing, partly also by chemical extraction of the walnut. Walnut oil is particularly valuable because it contains a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Walnut oil has a nutty taste that goes particularly well with autumn leaf salads. Walnut oil should not be heated. It is best to keep opened bottles of walnut oil cool and dark, but not in the fridge.

All data per 100 g:
925 kcal
0 g
0 g
99 g

Recipes with Walnut Oil

Allgäu Cheese Salad
Allgäu Cheese Salad This Allgäu cheese salad tastes spicy and harmonizes well with the fruity aroma of raspberry vinegar and apple. For the Allgäu cheese salad, if possible use an Allgäuer Emmentaler and cut into small pencils. ...
Field salad with bacon
Field salad with bacon Prepare field salad with bacon as freshly as possible and do not let it stand for long. Clean, rinse and dry the lettuce field carefully. ...
Field salad with duck breast
Field salad with duck breast tastes great with fresh baguette and can replace a small main meal. As a starter, the quantity of field salad with duck breast is enough for 3 portions. ...
Field salad with Tete de Moine
Field salad with Tete de Moine cheese tastes spicy and harmonizes very well with fruity cranberry jelly. Clean, wash and drain the salad. ...
Giant mushrooms with pesto
Giant mushrooms with pesto Giant mushrooms taste particularly good with homemade pesto. Wipe 6 g mushrooms (approx. 400 g) dry with a soft cloth. ...
Goats Cheese Figs Starter
Goats Cheese Figs Starter This goat cheese fig starter can be easily prepared and can be served hot or cold. Preheat baking oven to 220° C. ...
Hunter Salad
Hunter Salad For hunter salad cut an onion and bacon into cubes. Drain and dry the chanterelles. ...
Mango Endives Salad
Mango Endives Salad Rinse the endive salad, dry and pluck the green leaves from the stalks. Halve the pomegranate and remove the red seeds. ...
Marinated camembert on field salad
Marinated camembert on field salad Season raspberry vinegar with freshly ground pepper, salt and sugar. Beat walnut oil underneath. ...

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