Vodka or vodka was originally distilled from grain. Whether this happened first in Russia or Poland has not yet been clarified, as both countries claim to have burned the first vodka. As a traditional cereal, rye is still used today in Eastern Europe for its production. The taste becomes very mild and slightly sweet. Rye is considered the best raw material. In western countries, vodka is mainly produced from wheat because it is cheaper and is grown in larger quantities. Vodka can also be made from potatoes. However, the taste is then much more bitter. Cheap, low quality vodka is made from molasses, a by-product of sugar production. Vodka based on molasses tastes slightly sweet. The alcohol content of vodka is between 37.5% and 60% by volume, whereby only 40% vodka is described as "genuine". Vodka is a colourless spirit without the addition of other fermented substances, flavours or fusel oils. It is tasteless and can either be drunk ice-cold from schnapps glasses or used to mix cocktails and long drinks. The largest producing countries are Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland and Sweden. But vodka is also produced in Germany, France, Italy, Canada and the USA.

All data per 100 g:
210 kcal
0 g
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Recipes with Vodka

Baileys & Freeze Coffee
Baileys & Freeze Coffee should be prepared one day before serving. First boil a strong coffee and let it cool down. ...
Batida di Coco Orange
Batida di Coco Orange For Batida di Coco Orange first fill ice cubes into a shaker. Add vodka, Batida di Coco, cream and freshly squeezed orange juice. ...
Bikini Cocktail
Bikini Cocktail is served in a pre-cooled liqueur bowl or a small cocktail bowl. Put the glass in the freezer for a short time. ...
Cherry Vodka Bowl
Cherry Vodka Bowl Kirsch Vodka Bowle tastes should definitely be prepared with cherry juice or cherry nectar from the bottle, as it tastes more aromatic. The cherry juice from the glass of pickled cherries is too sweet and does not taste so aromatic. ...
Cocktail Anno 1960
Cocktail Anno 1960 Pour the ice cubes into a mixing cup. Pour the vodka, dry Martini and Campari over the ice and mix well with a long-stemmed spoon. ...
Cocktail Black Russian
Cocktail Black Russian The cocktail Black Russian tastes slightly sweet due to the dark coffee liqueur Kahlua and has a slightly invigorating effect. Fill ice cubes into a short wide tumbler / whisky mug as seen above and pour vodka over the ice. ...
Cocktail Blue Jeans
Cocktail Blue Jeans For the Blue Jeans cocktail, pour ice cubes into a cocktail shaker. Pour blue curacao, vodka and grapefruit juice over the ice. ...
Cocktail Caipirosca
Cocktail Caipirosca For the Caipirosca Limone cocktail, rinse thoroughly under running water and rub well dry. Eighth lime and in a short broad glass give. ...
Cocktail Casablanca
Cocktail Casablanca For the cocktail, pour Casablanca Crushed Ice into a shaker. Add vodka, egg liqueur, freshly squeezed lemon juice and freshly squeezed orange juice. ...

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