Vienna sausages

Vienna sausages

In Germany, Viennese sausages are also called "Wiener" for short. In Austria and other countries, however, Viennese sausages are called "Frankfurter sausages", which often leads to confusion. Here in Germany, only a certain type of sausage produced in Frankfurt may be referred to as "Frankfurter Würstchen". Viennese sausages are Brüh sausages made from pork meat, which are stuffed into delicate natural intestines (Saitling). So that they do not burst open, they should not be cooked, but only cooked in hot water. They can also be eaten cold.

All data per 100 g:
247 kcal
0 g
13 g
19 g

Recipes with Vienna sausages

Beans salad
Beans salad Bean salad is versatile. Bean salad tastes very spicy due to the spicy marinade. ...
Betyaren cutlets - potato pancakes
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Brioche Hot Dog
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Coleslaw Hot Dog
Coleslaw Hot Dog For Coleslaw Hot Dog, cut a rustic baguette into pieces about the size of the sausages. Just cut the hot dog open but not all the way through. ...
Danish Hot Dog Pizza
Danish Hot Dog Pizza tastes like hot dog, except that the hot dog roll is replaced by a special pizza dough. Crumble the fresh yeast and pour into a small bowl. ...
Flowers cabbage au gratin
Flowers cabbage au gratin Flower cabbage au gratin is ideal for recycling if you have half a large head of flower cabbage left over. Singles and 2-person households in particular appreciate it when you can prepare the remains of a flower cabbage the next day quickly, easily and deliciously as a side dish. ...
Flowers cabbage salad with sausages
Flowers cabbage salad with sausages This fast flower cabbage salad with sausages is the easiest to prepare if you have left over from lunch already cooked flowers cabbage. Otherwise divide the flowers cabbage into small florets, as can be seen in the picture above. ...
French hot dog
French hot dog is a variant of the classic hot dog, which is served in fresh baguette. The best way to prepare the French Hot Dog is in the Hot Dog Maker. ...
Grits Mix - Sausage Mix
Grits Mix - Sausage Mix Pölsemix sausage mix is a Danish snack served with French fries. For Pölsemix, first cut Wiener sausage, fine Brat sausage, Curry sausage and ham sausage into pieces. ...

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