Turkeys Sliced

Turkeys Sliced

Turkey strips are usually available on request at the meat counter of well-stocked supermarkets that also sell fresh poultry. Turkey strips is cut from the large muscle meat of the turkey breast and not from turkey strips or turkey fillet. Turkey strips are very lean and are particularly suitable for frying. The tender meat only needs to be fried for a very short time because it is quickly cooked.

All data per 100 g:
117 kcal
0 g
24 g
2 g

Recipes with Turkeys Sliced

Asparagus noodle soup
Asparagus noodle soup is prepared with SpƤtzle and gets a hearty aroma through turkey strips. For the asparagus noodle soup first rinse and peel the asparagus. ...
Asparagus with saffron rice
Asparagus with saffron rice For asparagus with saffron rice, first bring rice to the boil with water, a pinch of salt and saffron threads. Put some saffron threads aside for the sauce. ...
Curry Geschnetzeltes
Curry Geschnetzeltes gets a fruity note with a slight spiciness from pineapple and mango chutney. Fill basmati rice into a pot. ...
Curry turkey strips with pineapple
Curry turkey strips with pineapple are served in a creamy curry sauce. Boil the rice. ...
Gyros soup with turkey meat
Gyros soup with turkey meat can be easily prepared as a party soup even in larger quantities. For the gyros, pour the turkey strips into a bowl. ...
Gyros turkey cutlets
Gyros turkey cutlets Gyros Puten Geschnetzeltes is served with toasted pita bread. For Gyros Puten Geschnetzeltes first cut an onion into fine slices. ...
Halloween witches soup
Halloween witches soup This Halloween witch soup tastes fiery and is easy to prepare even in large quantities. Heat oil in a pan. ...
Hungarian paprika shredded
Hungarian paprika shredded Paprika tastes slightly piquant. Cook noodles. ...
Party Pound Pot
Party Pound Pot Party pounds pot is quick and easy to prepare. Halve fresh mushrooms. ...

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