Turkeys minced meat

turkeys minced meat

Turkey minced meat with a fat content of approx. 10 % is usually prepared ready to cook, packed in the refrigerated shelf. It is already seasoned and should be well fried or cooked before consumption. You can also make turkey minced meat yourself, for example by turning lean turkey breast fillet through the mincer. Turkey minced meat has a lighter color than beef minced meat or mixed minced beef and pork.

All data per 100 g:
161 kcal
1 g
17 g
10 g

Recipes with Turkeys minced meat

Chili Pesto Lasagna
Chili Pesto Lasagna Chili Pesto Lasagne is particularly juicy and tastes very piquant. Preheat the oven to 200° C. ...
countrywomen potato cake
Countrywomen potato cake Landfrauen potato cake is served warm. It goes well with a fresh salad. ...
Light Königsberger meatballs
Light Königsberger meatballs are prepared with turkeys minced meat. Boil the rice. ...
Meat loaf with sweet and sour sauce
Meat loaf with sweet and sour sauce Basmati rice tastes very good with meat loaf with sweet and sour sauce. Preheat baking oven to 225° C. ...
Minced meat toast waffles
Minced meat toast waffles For minced meat toast waffles preheat a waffle iron to medium temperature. Season minced meat with pepper, salt and paprika powder. ...
Poultry Cabbage Roulades
Poultry Cabbage Roulades For poultry cabbage roulades 8 large leaves leaves China cabbage in boiling water 1 minute blanch, drain, rinse with cold water and dry. Cut the thick middle panicle flat. ...
Turkey meatballs Bolognese
Turkey meatballs Bolognese can be served with french fries or noodles. Put the turkey minced meat in a bowl. ...
White Chili con Carne
White Chili con Carne is prepared with lean turkey minced meat. For White Chili con Carne cut yellow peppers into small cubes. ...
White Spaghetti Bolognese
White Spaghetti Bolognese are prepared with lean turkey minced meat. Cook spaghetti. ...

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