Tuna natural

Tuna natural

Natural tuna is offered in cans or jars and is preserved in its own juice together with water. In terms of taste, tuna is not quite as aromatic as tuna in oil, but it is much lower in calories. It can be used cold for salads, spreads and dips or prepared warm and served with pasta, for example.

All data per 100 g:
97 kcal
0 g
23 g
1 g

Recipes with Tuna natural

American Tuna Salad
American Tuna Salad is quick and easy to prepare. Boil the eggs hard. ...
beans tuna layer salad
Beans tuna layer salad For beans tuna layer salad first prepare the marinade. Mix oil and vinegar. ...
Beef Carpaccio tonnato
Beef Carpaccio tonnato is a festive starter for which the tender beef fillet should be processed as freshly as possible. The beef fillet is best cut by the butcher into thin slices for beef carpaccio and later with the knife back as thin as possible spread out. ...
Beluga Lentil Tuna Salad
Beluga Lentil Tuna Salad tastes very good with fresh baguette. Fill Beluga lentils into a pot. ...
Chicory Salad with Tuna
Chicory Salad with Tuna For chicory salad with tuna, first cut the end piece of the chicory salad into wedges. Cut the chicory and tomatoes into thin slices. ...
Couscous salad with tuna
Couscous salad with tuna For couscous salad with tuna, first pour the couscous into a bowl. Bring the stock to the boil briefly. ...
Creamy Tuna Caesar Salad
Creamy Tuna Caesar Salad For Creamy Tuna Caesar Salad first cut the Romana salad into strips. Put them on plates. ...
Cress Tuna Salad
Cress Tuna Salad can be prepared quickly and easily for a cold buffet or brunch, but also tastes very good as a topping for crackers or as a spread on bread. Pour the double cream cheese into a bowl. ...
Egg halves Tonnato with Tramezzini
Egg halves Tonnato with Tramezzini is a small snack that can replace a dinner. Boil eggs hard, place in cold water and peel after cooling. ...

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