Tramezzini Bread

Tramezzini Bread

Tramezzini bread is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, yeast and olive oil. The dough is very white and fine-pored than toast bread. Italian recipes should be prepared with original Tramezzini bread to preserve the typical taste. Tramezzini bread can be sandwiched and served unroasted. Tramezzini bread can also be served as a side dish with soup or salad.

All data per 100 g:
240 kcal
43 g
9 g
4 g

Recipes with Tramezzini Bread

Beef Tatar Tramezzini
Beef Tatar Tramezzini is a sandwich that should be prepared as fresh as possible before serving, as it tastes best. Cover 2 slices of Tramezzini with iceberg lettuce. ...
Egg halves Tonnato with Tramezzini
Egg halves Tonnato with Tramezzini is a small snack that can replace a dinner. Boil eggs hard, place in cold water and peel after cooling. ...
Roast pork Tramezzini
Roast pork Tramezzini This pork roast Tramezzini I have prepared with homemade pork roast cold cuts, because it tastes particularly juicy. Boil the eggs hard. ...
Sandwich with egg
Sandwich with egg For sandwich with egg first boil eggs hard. Place in cold water to cool more quickly. ...
Tramezzini bread is a sandwich from Italy. For the remoulade mix mayonnaise with pesto. ...
Tramezzini con Pecorino
Tramezzini con Pecorino is an Italian sandwich topped with spicy Pecorino cheese. I used the young soft Pecorino dolce because it can be cut into slices. ...
Tramezzini with beef sour meat
Tramezzini with beef sour meat For Tramezzini with beef sour meat first spread three slices of Tramezzini with Remoulade. Cover a slice of Tramezzini with salad. ...
Tramezzini with Bresaola
Tramezzini with Bresaola is a particularly noble variant of the Italian sandwich with air-dried beef ham. Cover two slices of Tramezzini with one leaf of iceberg lettuce each. ...
Tramezzini with cooked ham
Tramezzini with cooked ham For Tramezzini with cooked ham, first spread Tramezzini on two long slices of Tramezzini with Remoulade. Cover one half with salad and cooked ham. ...

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