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Tomatoes Paprika

Tomatoes Paprika

Tomatoes Paprika taste particularly fruity. They are pickled like gherkins or mixed pickles in vinegar with spices and are long lasting. Tomatoes are obtained from peppers in jars of different sizes depending on the manufacturer. When I add a glass of tomato paprika to my recipes, I mean glasses with a drained net weight of approx. 180 g. Tomatoes Paprika can be used for pizza toppings, in stews and stews or for salads.

All data per 100 g:
32 kcal
7 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Tomatoes Paprika

Beef Meat Salad spicy
Beef Meat Salad spicy For the spicy beef meat salad best soups boneless meat, such as high rib use. Place the meat in a pot and cover with water. ...
Beluga Lentils Tuna Salad
Beluga Lentils Tuna Salad tastes very good with fresh baguette. Cover the Beluga lentils with water, bring to the boil and cook at medium temperature for 20 minutes. ...
Berlin goulash soup
Berlin goulash soup This Berlin goulash soup tastes slightly hot with a fine sour aroma. Cut the goulash into small cubes. ...
Canapes with smoked fillet
Canapes with smoked fillet taste particularly hearty on onion baguette. For the canapes, cut the onion baguette into slightly thicker slices and cover with Coleslaw salad. ...
Chicken Gyros Pita
Chicken Gyros Pita For chicken Gyros Pita flour with salt mix. Dissolve fresh yeast in lukewarm water and knead with oil under the flour. ...
Chicken Hamburger
Chicken Hamburger For chicken hamburgers turn chicken through the mincer. Peel carrots, grate finely and mix in. ...
Eggs Tuna Salad
Eggs Tuna Salad For the eggs tuna salad eggs hard boil. Drain the tuna naturally and pour into a bowl. ...
Eggs tuna salad with corn
Eggs tuna salad with corn This egg tuna salad with corn tastes piquant and can be prepared quickly. Boil eggs hard, place in cold water and peel to cool faster. ...
Farmer Salad
Farmer Salad The Farmer's Salad is served as a main course for 3 persons, or as a side dish for 6 persons. Mix olive oil, red wine vinegar, water, mustard, sugar, freshly ground pepper and salt to a spicy marinade. ...

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