Tomatoes Ciabatta bread

Tomatoes Ciabatta bread

Tomatoes Ciabatta bread can be easily baked by yourself. Alternatively one can buy the tomato Ciabatta bread also in handicraft bakeries. It is prepared with dried tomatoes, whereby the tomato Ciabatta bread tastes particularly aromatic and slightly spicy. It can be served with cold cuts, cheese or scrambled eggs, served as a side dish with salads or baked as a snack.

All data per 100 g:
259 kcal
46 g
8 g
4 g

Recipes with Tomatoes Ciabatta bread

Avocado egg stirrer with salmon
Avocado egg stirrer with salmon For avocado stirring egg with salmon halve a piece of tomato Ciabatta bread and fry lightly as desired. Whisk eggs with pepper & salt. ...
Paprika Feta bread spread
Paprika Feta bread spread tastes particularly good on fresh tomato Ciabatta. Coarsely dice and puree the feta and paprika. ...
Zucchini & Tuna Dip Antipasti
Zucchini & Tuna Dip Antipasti For zucchini and tuna dip antipasti first mix ricotta with oil. Season the Antipasti Dip with pepper, salt and pressed garlic. ...

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