Toast Bread

Toast Bread

Toast Bread (English Toast, French Toast, Italian Fetta di pane tostato, Spanish Tostada) is a special white bread, which contains a lot of protein, so that it smells good and looks golden brown after roasting in the toaster. Good quality can be recognized by the very fine pores in the dough. You can also eat toast bread untoasted, but the special aroma only unfolds after toasting. Toast bread tastes good with sweet toppings such as jam or honey as well as with cold cuts or cheese. Toast bread is very well suited for baking in the oven as with toast Hawaii or in a sandwich toaster. Originally from England, toast bread has smaller slices than the American XXL toast bread used for sandwiches.

All data per 100 g:
268 kcal
50 g
8 g
4 g

Recipes with Toast Bread

American Sandwich
American Sandwich For American sandwich, rinse 2 leaves of salad and dry. Cut the onion into slices. ...
Asparagus toast au gratin
Asparagus toast au gratin Asparagus toast can be baked quickly and easily. Preheat baking oven to 200° C. ...
Bear's garlic parsley soup
Bear's garlic parsley soup For bear's garlic parsley soup with prawns it is best to use fresh North Sea prawns because they are most aromatic. Peel the parsley root and cut into small cubes. ...
Beef Sandwich
Beef Sandwich has a taste reminiscent of hamburgers, but has a lower calorie content because low-fat tartare is used. Although no other ingredients such as mayonnaise or remoulade are used, the beef sandwich tastes very juicy. ...
Beef Steak & Caesar Salad
Beef Steak & Caesar Salad First prepare the Caesar dressing for Beef Steak & Caesar Salad. Place an egg in boiling water and cook for one minute. ...
Beer Soup
Beer Soup This beer soup can be served as a pre-soup to a hearty dish. So that the beer soup does not taste too bitter, one should not use Pils, but another light or alternatively also dark beer. ...
Bohemian dumplings
Bohemian dumplings are served as an accompaniment to Svickova beef roast, or with liquid butter and parsley. For the rest recycling, Bohemian dumplings can also be cut into slices and fried in butter. ...
Camembert Sandwich
Camembert Sandwich is a delicious snack that can be prepared quickly and tastes good with a glass of wine. For the Camembert sandwich use a ripe aromatic Camembert, which is especially creamy, as you can see in the picture above. ...
Carrot soup with bacon and croutons
Carrot soup with bacon and croutons becomes particularly creamy. Peel carrots, floury potatoes and onions. ...

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