Tartar sauce

tartar sauce

Remoulade (English Remoulade, tartar sauce, French tartar sauce) Remoulade, Italian. Remoulade, span. Remolada) is a seasoning sauce based on mayonnaise. It usually consists of oil, vinegar or lemon juice, egg yolk, mustard or mustard powder and herbs. The following ingredients can vary: finely chopped pickles or gherkins, onions, capers, anchovy fillet or a finely chopped egg. Remoulade (see recipe) is often served with grilled or breaded fish, cold roast beef, sandwiches, cold cuts and aspic. In Denmark, the special Danish Remoulade is very popular, which is particularly popular with French fries or served on smoerrebroed. As in the production of mayonnaise, it is important that only fresh eggs are used in the production of Remoulade in order to rule out salmonella infection. Remoulade is also offered as a finished product, but cannot be compared to a homemade product.

All data per 100 g:
655 kcal
3 g
2 g
81 g

Recipes with Tartar sauce

Apple Leek Salad
Apple Leek Salad is a classic among party salads. It tastes very refreshing well chilled and can also be prepared very well in large quantities. ...
Asparagus bread roll with cook ham
Asparagus bread roll with cook ham Asparagus rolls with cooked ham not only look decorative, they also taste particularly juicy and are a low-calorie variant of sandwiches. Halve fresh rolls with a sharp bread knife and spread each half with a thin layer of Remoulade. ...
Avocado Shrimps Bread Rolls
Avocado Shrimps Bread Rolls Sliced avocado crab rolls taste particularly crispy when they are prepared just before serving. Crush the avocado with a fork. ...
Baguette with pork fillet
Baguette with pork fillet tastes very juicy and satiates well. Cut off the white skins and visible fat from the pork fillet. ...
Bismarck Herring Baguette
Bismarck Herring Baguette Bismarck Hering Baguette tastes particularly good with crispy fresh baguette from the bakery. Cut the baguette into pieces about 15 cm long and cut open. ...
Black bread with Katen ham
Black bread with Katen ham can be served as evening meal or small snack. Spread black bread slices with remoulade. ...
Black Forest Canapes
Black Forest Canapes Black Forest canapés go very well with a rustic buffet and taste particularly hearty with Black Forest ham. For the Black Forest canapés, cut a small grain stick into slices and coat with remoulade. ...
Bread roll with pork roast
Bread roll with pork roast Bread rolls with pork roasts are particularly suitable for a rustic buffet. They taste best when fresh rolls from the baker are only topped shortly before serving, so that the rolls remain crispy. ...
Canapes For canapes, it is best to choose a small selection of different toppings, so that everyone can choose between fish, cheese or beef and pork cold cuts. Cut baguette into 12 slices. ...

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