Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds (engl. sunflower seeds, franz. graines de tournesol, ital. semi di girasole, span. semillas de girasol) or sunflower seeds are not only processed by pressing to sunflower seed oil, but are also used for baking or cooking for healthy recipes. The taste of sunflower seeds is slightly nutty. You can also harvest sunflower seeds yourself. The numerous seeds sit in the middle of the flower of sunflowers. When the seeds are dried, the shells can be easily broken open and the inner seeds can then be eaten.

All data per 100 g:
524 kcal
20 g
24 g
47 g

Recipes with Sunflower seeds

Apple muesli
Apple muesli is quick and easy to prepare. The finely grated apple makes the muesli taste very refreshing. ...
Apple Oat Flakes Cookie
Apple Oat Flakes Cookie s taste particularly good freshly baked. They are baked without flour and remain soft and juicy. ...
Apricot strudel
Apricot strudel is the Austrian designation for apricot strudel. It is best to leave the strudel dough in the packaging for about 20 minutes so that it does not dry out so quickly in the air and becomes brittle. ...
Banana muesli
Banana muesli tastes particularly aromatic if you use softer ripe bananas because they are then particularly sweet. If the bananas are a little firmer, you can also sweeten the muesli with a little liquid acacia honey or maple syrup. ...
Bircher muesli bar
Bircher muesli bar s are prepared with dried apple rings and raisins, making them taste fruity. For the Bircher muesli bars first cut apple rings, dried into small cubes and mix with raisins. ...
Black bread
Black bread is very versatile. Mix wheat meal, rye meal and wheat flour. ...
Black Bread BBA
Black Bread BBA means that the bread is baked in bread baking machines. This lighter but slightly spicy black bread has a shelf life of several days and tastes best when cut into thin slices of about 0.5 cm to 1 cm thickness. ...
Book Wheat Grains Bread
Book Wheat Grains Bread Book wheat flour with spelt flour and salt mix. Dissolve fresh yeast in lukewarm water. ...
Breakfast cake in a glass
Breakfast cake in a glass Breakfast cake in a jar keeps fresh for at least 4 weeks if the well sealed jars are kept in a cool place. The amount of dough is enough for 5 glasses of 1/4 litre each. ...

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