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Sugar cubes

sugar cubes

Cube sugar is white crystal sugar, which is pressed into approx. 3 g heavy small cubes by slightly moistening the sugar. The advantage of cubes of sugar over normal household sugar is that they are easy to dose, do not absorb moisture when stored and therefore do not clump. Cubes of sugar are mainly used to sweeten hot drinks such as tea, grog, Glüh wine or Rüdesheimer coffee. Cubes of sugar are also used to close the opening of the roast apple or sweeten apricot dumplings.

All data per 100 g:
400 kcal
100 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Sugar cubes

Apricot dumplings
Apricot dumplings are a classic pastry of the Austrian cuisine. Serve apricots dumplings as warm as possible from the pan, as they taste best and the quark dough remains loose. ...
Apricot dumplings made from potato dough
Apricot dumplings made from potato dough can be prepared out of season with dried apricots. Put the dried apricots in a pot, cover lightly with water and add 2 tablespoons of sugar. ...
Captain Morgan Grog.
Captain Morgan Grog. For Captain Morgan Grog, place a cube of sugar in the glass and pour boiling water over it. Stir the sugar briefly until it dissolves. ...
Grog is served in special grog glasses with a high stem, so that you can't get your fingers against the hot glass. To prevent the thin-walled glass from shattering when the boiling water is filled in, place a glass pestle in the glass. ...
Mini Fire Tongs Bowl
Mini Fire Tongs Bowl The Mini Feuerzangen Bowle is particularly suitable for a celebration in a small circle, if it is not worthwhile to use a large fire tongs Bowle. For serving you need a fireproof glass or a cup as well as a small fire tongs. ...
Roast apple in roman pot
Roast apple in roman pot Brat Apfel in Römertopf tastes particularly aromatic. Pour boiling water over the raisins. ...
Rüdesheimer Coffee
Rüdesheimer Coffee is a German speciality that is served in a tall glass with a handle or a special Rüdesheimer cup. Fill the glass with hot water to warm it up. ...

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