Strawberries (English Strawberries, French Fraises, Italian Fragole, Spanish Fresas) from domestic harvest have from end of May to end of August season. Since they spoil quickly, strawberries should be processed fresh. When you buy strawberries, make sure that they do not have any soft pressure points, as they start to mold after just a few hours.

All data per 100 g:
37 kcal
8 g
1 g
1 g

Recipes with Strawberries

Apricot jam with strawberries
Apricot jam with strawberries tastes particularly fruity if you add the strawberries just before the end of cooking time. The flesh is weighed only after cleaning and seed removal, so that a little more fruit is needed. ...
Bee Sting Strawberry Cake
Bee Sting Strawberry Cake For bee sting strawberry cake first preheat the oven to 180° C. Line the bottom of a 26 Spring Form with baking paper. ...
Belgian waffles with strawberries
Belgian waffles with strawberries For Belgian waffles with strawberries, first melt butter. Allow to cool slightly. ...
Berries Tiramisu
Berries Tiramisu This Tiramisu tastes particularly aromatic with fresh seasonal berries. The Tiramisu berry is quick and easy to prepare and should be left to cool in the fridge for some time before serving. ...
Bikini Cocktail
Bikini Cocktail is served in a pre-cooled liqueur bowl or a small cocktail bowl. Put the glass in the freezer for a short time. ...
Canapes with chicken breast
Canapes with chicken breast For canapes with chicken breast you can use different spiced varieties of smoked chicken breast as cold cuts. Cut the bread into slices, spread with spreadable butter and cover with small plucked lettuce. ...
Canapes with Münster cheese
Canapes with Münster cheese are easy to prepare. Cut the bread into slices and spread with spreadable butter. ...
Cantaloup Melon with Strawberries
Cantaloup Melon with Strawberries From the Cantaloupe melon, cut off a lid. Using a tablespoon, scrape out the melon seeds. ...
Cheese cake without baking
Cheese cake without baking For cheese cakes without baking first melt butter and let cool. Finely grind 200 g biscuits with a food processor. ...

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