Spice Cloves

Spice Cloves

Spice Cloves (English Clove, French Clou de girofle, Italian Chiodo di garofano, Spanish Clavo) smell very aromatic and have a slightly sharp taste, which is why they are used only finely dosed for cooking. Mainly spice cloves are used to season chicken soup, sauces, marinades, Glögg or Glüh wine. Fresh spice cloves of good quality feel slightly greasy as they release some spice oil when pressed against the stalk. If you put them in the water, they should sink or stand upright. Cloves of inferior quality that are too dry, on the other hand, float on the surface.

All data per 100 g:
424 kcal
52 g
6 g
20 g

Recipes with Spice Cloves

Apple Glüh Wine Jam
Apple Glüh Wine Jam So that the apple Glüh wine jam does not taste too sweet, it is best to use a dry red wine. Add red wine, orange juice, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon stick, heat, remove from heat and let the spices steep for a few minutes in the Glüh wine. ...
Apple Juice Kids Punch
Apple Juice Kids Punch For the apple juice children punch first fill apple juice into a pot. Place a small pinch of anise, clove spice and cinnamon stick in the apple juice. ...
Apple punch
Apple punch This apple punch is prepared with tart cider and gets its dark colour from sweetening with sugar beet syrup. Pour the apple juice into a small saucepan and season with a cinnamon stick and cloves. ...
Bacon dumpling soup
Bacon dumpling soup For Tyrolean bacon dumpling soup cook a strong beef broth. For this, put beef marrow bones and soup meat in a pot. ...
Badische Flädle Soup
Badische Flädle Soup is a classic among soups. For the Badische Flädle soup, place high rib and marrow bone in a pot. ...
Baking plums in bacon coat
Baking plums in bacon coat best prepare a day before grilling so that they can soak overnight in wine. Bake plums and cover with wine. ...
Balsamico spice pears
Balsamico spice pears For Balsamico spice, peel ripe, relatively firm pears and cut into small cubes. In a frying pan let out butter. ...
Bavarian steam noodles
Bavarian steam noodles taste best served warm. Melt the butter at a low temperature and let it cool. ...
Beef bouillon with eggs stitch
Beef bouillon with eggs stitch Beef bouillon with egg stitch is a classic among the clear soups, which tastes particularly strong. Soups vegetables clean and half of it for the beef bouillon in coarse cubes cut. ...

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