Spätzle Noodles

Spätzle Noodles

Spätzle noodles are easy to prepare yourself. There are also dried Spätzle noodles that can be kept in stock, but are not comparable in taste to fresh Spätzle noodles. Spätzle are cooked like noodles and can be prepared as a side dish, main dish or casserole. They are also called Spätzle eggs and Spätzla eggs in Swabia.

All data per 100 g:
346 kcal
71 g
12 g
2 g

Recipes with Spätzle Noodles

Asparagus noodle soup
Asparagus noodle soup is prepared with Spätzle and gets a hearty aroma through turkey strips. For the asparagus noodle soup first rinse and peel the asparagus. ...
Beef Roast in Beer Sauce with Spaetzle
Beef Roast in Beer Sauce with Spaetzle This hearty beef roast in beer sauce with spaetzle is braised in the oven. Season beef roast. ...
Beef roast Stroganoff
Beef roast Stroganoff For beef roast Stroganoff first quarter mushrooms. Dice the onions. ...
Black Beer Goulash with Spaetzle
Black Beer Goulash with Spaetzle Black beer goulash with Spätzle tastes strong and is slightly spicy. Heat the lard in a casserole dish. ...
Cheese Mushroom Spätzle
Cheese Mushroom Spätzle is a vegetarian dish that tastes particularly aromatic due to dried stone mushrooms. Cover stone mushrooms with hot water. ...
Cheese Spätzle
Cheese Spätzle Käse Spätzle or Kässpätzle is a traditional old Swabian recipe. Cook the spaetzle in salted water and cut the onions into fine slices. ...
Cheese Spätzle Muffins
Cheese Spätzle Muffins are gratinated with spicy Emmentaler and can be served as a small starter. For the cheese Spätzle Muffins first put Spätzle in boiling salted water and cook for about 12 minutes until al dente. ...
Cheese Spätzle with ham
Cheese Spätzle with ham is best prepared with particularly tender salmon ham, which tastes very aromatic. The salmon ham can already be cut into thicker slices at the meat counter so that it can later be cut into slightly thicker strips, as shown in the picture above. ...
Chicken fricassee stew with spaetzle
Chicken fricassee stew with spaetzle For the chicken fricassee stew with spaetzle first rinse chicken legs. Remove fat. ...

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