Soups Vegetables

Soups Vegetables

Soups vegetables usually consists of 1 to 2 carrots, a piece of celery, parsley root or a few sprigs of parsley and a half leek. To season broth, cook soups with vegetables from the very beginning. It then only needs to be roughly crushed and is removed again before serving. If the soup is to remain in the broth as a vegetable inlay for soups and stews, cut it into bite-sized pieces and place it in the broth just before the end of the cooking time.

All data per 100 g:
25 kcal
4 g
2 g
0 g

Recipes with Soups Vegetables

Aubergines Chili con Carne
Aubergines Chili con Carne For eggplants, place chilli con carne eggplants in a bowl, pour over boiling water and leave to soak for 10 minutes. Soups Cut vegetables, onions, garlic and chilli into small cubes. ...
Bacon dumpling soup
Bacon dumpling soup For Tyrolean bacon dumpling soup cook a strong beef broth. For this, put beef marrow bones and soup meat in a pot. ...
Badische Flädle Soup
Badische Flädle Soup is a classic among soups. For the Badische Flädle soup, place high rib and marrow bone in a pot. ...
Barley soup
Barley soup tastes hearty and is easy to prepare. Cover barley with water. ...
Bean soup with Kassler
Bean soup with Kassler tastes hearty and is easy to prepare. First clean the soups and cut them into small cubes. ...
Beef bouillon with eggs stitch
Beef bouillon with eggs stitch Beef bouillon with egg stitch is a classic among the clear soups, which tastes particularly strong. Soups vegetables clean and half of it for the beef bouillon in coarse cubes cut. ...
Beef Burgundy roast
Beef Burgundy roast Beef stew roast put in a bowl. Peel, eighth and add 2 onions. ...
Beef goulash
Beef goulash This beef goulash is prepared in the classic way. It becomes particularly tender when it stews in its own juice. ...
Beef meat salad spicy
Beef meat salad spicy For beef meat salad spicy best to use soup meat without bones, such as high rib. Put high rib in a pot. ...

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