Smooth parsley

Smooth parsley

Smooth parsley has a slightly stronger taste than curly parsley. Originally there was only smooth parsley. The curly leaves were only reached by further breeding. Due to the stronger seasoning power of the smooth parsley, it is also often cooked in soups or stews. Vitamins are of course lost, but the aroma is better transferred. The stems can also be used. If you want to preserve the vitamins of the smooth parsley, pluck the leaves from the stems just before serving and sprinkle the leaves over the dish. You can also finely chop the leaves with a knife and sprinkle them over fresh salads or use them in herb marinades and salad sauces. Smooth parsley looks very decorative, but withers faster than curly parsley.

All data per 100 g:
60 kcal
9 g
4 g
1 g

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