Sheep cheese

Sheep cheese

Schafs cheese is a creamy to semi-solid fresh cheese made from sheep's milk, which tastes very aromatic. Creamy sheep cheese is particularly suitable for gratinating. You can also sprinkle solid sheep cheese, which is crumbled, over salads. Since sheep's cheese is pickled in brine, one should be careful when seasoning the food with salt. Sheep's cheese goes very well with minced meat and is also used in Greek cuisine to fill bifteki.

All data per 100 g:
284 kcal
1 g
16 g
23 g

Recipes with Sheep cheese

Aubergine Salad
Aubergine Salad The aubergine salad can be prepared very well, because it tastes best chilled. The longer the eggplant salad is cooked, the more aromatic it becomes. ...
Baguette with sheep cheese cream
Baguette with sheep cheese cream Baguette with Schafs cheese cream is a crispy snack that goes particularly well with a glass of red wine and can be prepared in no time at all. Preheat the oven to 200°. ...
Beans salad with sheep cheese
Beans salad with sheep cheese This bean salad with sheep's cheese can be prepared in no time at all and goes particularly well as a side dish with grilled or roasted meat and poultry. Wax beans and crushed beans from the glass in a sieve fill and drain well. ...
Bifteki Baguette
Bifteki Baguette is prepared with lean minced beef and tastes particularly good on fresh baguette. For the Bifteki beef mince season with pepper, salt, thyme and pressed garlic. ...
Bifteki Hamburger
Bifteki Hamburger Bifteki burgers are prepared with homemade zaziki and wholemeal rolls. For the Bifteki hamburgers first season the minced meat with pepper from the mill, salt and oregano. ...
Bifteki meatballs
Bifteki meatballs Bifteki are Greek meatballs filled with sheep cheese. Put the minced meat in a bowl. ...
Bifteki meatballs on farmer salad
Bifteki meatballs on farmer salad For Bifteki meatballs on farmer salad first season minced meat with pepper, salt, cayenne pepper, cumin and oregano. Dice onions, press 1 garlic clove through the garlic press and add. ...
Bifteki Rice Casserole
Bifteki Rice Casserole For Bifteki rice casserole first boil rice with water and salt briefly. Allow to swell for 20 minutes at the lowest level. ...
Bifteki shashlik skewers
Bifteki shashlik skewers can be served hot or cold. The ready fried Bifteki are put on shashlik skewers and can also be served as finger food at a party. ...

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