Sea Salt

Sea Salt

Sea salt is extracted from sea water. Sea water is led into artificially created flat basins. Due to evaporation of the water, salt crusts remain on the surface. These are then removed by hand or machine. The most valuable sea salt is the Fleur de Sel, because it is skimmed off by hand. Sea salt consists of 95-98% sodium chloride (cooking salt) and up to 5% residual moisture of sea water. It has a slightly coarser, slightly moist consistency. Sea salt is particularly suitable for fish, poultry and Mediterranean cuisine.

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Recipes with Sea Salt

Argentinean spice bread
Argentinean spice bread tastes particularly good after 1 to 2 days when the spices have fully developed their aroma. Press a depression into the middle of the flour. ...
Aubergines Mozzarella Antipasti
Aubergines Mozzarella Antipasti Aubergine Mozzarella Antipasti can be served warm as a small starter with fresh ciabatta. Preheat oven to 180° C circulating air. ...
Avocado Tomatoes Noodles
Avocado Tomatoes Noodles Avocado tomato noodles taste very aromatic and are easy to prepare. Cook the noodles. ...
Baked herbs Dorade
Baked herbs Dorade is simply prepared in the oven. Preheat baking oven to 225° C. ...
BBQ prawns finger food skewers
BBQ prawns finger food skewers can be prepared very well, since they should marinate at least 15 minutes in the spice paste. Rinse prawns and dry paper between kitchens. ...
BBQ Turkey Schnitzel & Baked Potato
BBQ Turkey Schnitzel & Baked Potato For BBQ turkey schnitzel and baked potatoes, first preheat the oven to 200° C. Wash and dry the potatoes and cut into 0.5 cm thick slices. ...
Breaded mussels with aioli
Breaded mussels with aioli Fresh mussels are used for breaded mussels with aioli and served as tapas. First brush the mussels under running water and throw away already opened mussels that no longer close. ...
Bruschetta with tomatoes Sugo
Bruschetta with tomatoes Sugo can also be prepared quickly and easily in larger quantities, e.g. for a party. It doesn't matter if the tomatoes are kept a little longer in the oven. ...
Caponata with eggplants
Caponata with eggplants Caponata with aubergines is served in Italy either cold as antipasti or warm as a vegetable side dish. For Caponata with aubergines cut a smaller aubergine into cubes. ...

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