Rollmops Herring

Rollmops Herring

Rollmops herring is pickled sourly in a marinade prepared with vinegar and oil, bay leaves, mustard seeds, onions and spices. One receives Rollmops herring in glasses, whereby they taste then often very säuerlich. Mildly pickled Rollmops Herring is usually available from the fish dealer. Rollmops herring is prepared from half a Bismarck herring, in the spice cucumbers are wrapped. Rollmops herring tastes very good on fish rolls, with fried potatoes or with pell potatoes and quark.

All data per 100 g:
190 kcal
16 g
9 g
7 g

Recipes with Rollmops Herring

Farmer breakfast with Rollmops
Farmer breakfast with Rollmops Farmers breakfast with Rollmops is a rustic fried potato dish. For the farmer breakfast, first cook pell potatoes. ...
Fish roll with rollmops
Fish roll with rollmops Fish rolls with rollmops taste especially good if you freshly topp them with crispy rolls and serve them immediately so that they don't get soft. I used rollmops from the fish dealer for the fish roll, because the pickled rollmops from the glass are usually too sour and do not taste so mild. ...
Fried potatoes with rollmops
Fried potatoes with rollmops are served with crab dip. For deep-fried potatoes, first boil Pell potatoes, drain and let them cool in cold water. ...
Labskaus stew
Labskaus stew is an old simple Hamburg seafarer dish that gets its typical reddish color from beetroot. Salt Boil the potatoes and drain. ...
Potato Puffer with Rollmops
Potato Puffer with Rollmops is a hearty dish from the North German cuisine. Potato pancakes taste best when served fresh from the pan, as they lose their crispness when kept warm in the oven. ...
Roast Potato Labskaus
Roast Potato Labskaus Brat Kartoffel Labskaus is a modern variant of the classic Labskaus. Instead of corned beef, steak is used for the Labskaus. ...
Rollmops Canapes
Rollmops Canapes taste particularly hearty on onion baguette. Cut the baguette into slices and coat with remoulade. ...
Rollmops herring with potato salad
Rollmops herring with potato salad For Rollmops herring with potato salad first Pell potatoes cook 10 minutes. Add egg. ...

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