Red Spitz Paprika

Red Spitz Paprika

Spitz Paprika red is also called Hungarian Paprika. It is long and narrow and contains significantly fewer seeds than conventional peppers. The taste is very aromatic, slightly sweet and slightly milder than that of normal paprika peppers. Spitz Paprika red can be eaten raw in salads or with dips. It is also suitable for filling with sheep's cheese or cream cheese and can be pickled. Spitz Paprika red also tastes very good in soups and stews or as a vegetable garnish.

All data per 100 g:
24 kcal
6 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Red Spitz Paprika

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Calamari with shepherd salad
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Cevapcici Rice Pan
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Chicken sweet sour
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Chicken wings & fried noodles
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Curry noodles with prawns
Curry noodles with prawns are served in a creamy, slightly spicy cream sauce. Boil the pasta in salt and water. ...
Dips Sauces
Dips Sauces For dips sauces it is best to prepare a cream as a base, which can be varied with different ingredients. Boil the eggs hard. ...
Entrecote & Mushroom Paprika Vegetables
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