Pork Carbonade

Pork Carbonade

Pork Carbonade is a hamburger term for pork chop, pork loin or pork lap called. It is cut from the rib of the pig and is about 2 cm thick, just like the corresponding rib. Only briefly sauté the pork carbonate on each side and then finish frying over a moderate heat. When colourless juice appears on the meat, the carbonate is cooked.

All data per 100 g:
120 kcal
0 g
21 g
3 g

Recipes with Pork Carbonade

Carbonade Bakony style
Carbonade Bakony style Karbonade Bakonyer Art is an original Hungarian recipe. Bakony is the name of a Hungarian hilly landscape. ...
Carbonade in beer dough
Carbonade in beer dough Carbonate in beer batter becomes particularly crispy when deep-frying. For the beer dough, first mix 125 g flour with beer. ...
Carbonade in beer marinade
Carbonade in beer marinade can be marinated overnight and covered in the refrigerator draw. For the beer mix marinade oil, black beer, mustard and honey. ...
Carbonade in curry sauce
Carbonade in curry sauce can be served with rice or fried potatoes from the tin (see recipe). Rinse carbonade briefly under running water and dry well with kitchen paper. ...
Carbonade in garlic marinade
Carbonade in garlic marinade tastes particularly aromatic if the meat is left to stand in the marinade for at least 30 minutes, preferably covered overnight. Cut the carbonate along the bone. ...
Carbonade in Gin Cream Sauce
Carbonade in Gin Cream Sauce Prepare the French fries in the oven according to the instructions in about 20 minutes. Meanwhile season the carbonate with freshly ground pepper and sprinkle with 4 teaspoons of gin. ...
Carbonade with creamed mushrooms
Carbonade with creamed mushrooms For carbonade with creamed mushrooms, first season 1 tablespoon of oil with pepper, paprika powder and a pressed garlic clove. Turn the carbonade in the marinade several times. ...
Carbonade with noodle salad
Carbonade with noodle salad For carbonade with noodle salad first cook noodles. Hard boil eggs. ...
Carbonade with paprika vegetables
Carbonade with paprika vegetables is served in a creamy, slightly spicy cream sauce. Cut half a red, half a green and half a yellow pepper into bite-sized strips. ...

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