Plum wine

Plum wine

Plum Wine or Ume (Plum Wine, French) Vin de Prune, ital. Vino Prugna, susina, span. Vino Ciruela) is a Chinese wine-containing drink with approx. 10% - 12.5% vol. alcohol content. It has a mild fruity sweet taste and is particularly suitable as an aperitif. It can also be served with ice cubes or filled with sparkling wine. Ume is the name of an Asian species that originates from the genus Prunus. Although it is mostly called a plum, it is related to apricots. The tree originates from China. But this tree was also cultivated early in Korea and Japan. There is also Japanese plum wine called Umeschu. It is produced by marinating the green fruits in a clear brandy (Shochu).

All data per 100 g:
120 kcal
4 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Plum wine

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Blueberry Plums Fruit Salad
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Chicken from the wok
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Chicken with cashew nuts in wok
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Longdrink Plum Gerale
Longdrink Plum Gerale For the Plum Gerale long drink, pour ice cubes into a mixing cup. Pour plum wine over the ice, stir well and pour through a sieve into a champagne glass. ...
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