Pigs lard

Pigs lard

Pig lard has a white color and shines slightly. It is usually packed in small packages that look like butter. Since pig lard becomes very soft at room temperature, it is well suited for baking or as a spread on bread. To round off the taste of hearty dishes such as green cabbage, sauerkraut or red cabbage, add some lard to the pigs. Since pigs can still contain lard up to 0.2 % water, it should not be used for frying.

All data per 100 g:
898 kcal
0 g
0 g
99 g

Recipes with Pigs lard

Arepas with neck steak
Arepas with neck steak is a specialty from Venezuela. Mix pan corn flour with 1/4 Tl salt. ...
Bavarian cabbage hot dog
Bavarian cabbage hot dog is a hearty variation of the classic hot dog. Cut the cabbage into fine strips. ...
Bavarian cabbage meat loaf
Bavarian cabbage meat loaf is baked in the oven. It tastes very juicy and hearty. ...
Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl
Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl For Bavarian cabbage to meat Pflanzerl cabbage in fine strips cut. Dice the bacon and onions. ...
Bavarian cabbage with bacon
Bavarian cabbage with bacon For Bavarian cabbage with bacon, white cabbage is cut into fine strips. Cut streaky bacon into cubes. ...
Bavarian pig roast
Bavarian pig roast Bavarian pork roast is served with hearty black beer sauce. Preheat the oven to 220°. ...
Berlin knuckle of pork, sauerkraut, pea puree
Berlin knuckle of pork, sauerkraut, pea puree is a classic hearty dish. Pour the dried peas into a pot, cover with 1/2 litre of water and soak overnight. ...
Bigos Polish cabbage stew
Bigos Polish cabbage stew keeps up to three days in the refrigerator and tastes best warmed up. Dice bacon and onion and fry in lard. ...
Brown cake
Brown cake These biscuits are called brown cakes in Hamburg. Boil up sugar beet syrup, margarine, pork lard, brown sugar and white sugar in a pot while stirring. ...

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