Pickled Peperoncino

Pickled Peperoncino

Pickled Peperoncino or Peperoncini is in Italy the name for small hot spice paprika. They're usually harvested when they're still green. For pickled peperoncino, on the other hand, the mature red peperoncino are used, which taste milder and have a slightly sweetish note. They can be cut into small pieces for salads and pasta or as a whole topping for pizza.

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8 g
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Recipes with Pickled Peperoncino

Black spaghetti with anchovies
Black spaghetti with anchovies tastes piquant. First put black spaghetti in boiling salt water. ...
Bucatini al amatriciana
Bucatini al amatriciana The name of this dish comes from the village Amatrice, which lies in the border area between Abruzzo and Lazio. It's a hearty and fiery dish. ...
diavolo pizza
Diavolo pizza For the Pizza diavolo flour in a mixing bowl with salt mix. Mix fresh yeast with lukewarm water and some sugar and add to the flour. ...
Ink Fish Salad
Ink Fish Salad This small ink fish salad is often served lukewarm in Spain as tapas (small snack with wine or beer). Turn inks fish rings in flour. ...
Pangasius Fish with Macaroni
Pangasius Fish with Macaroni is prepared in a simple Mediterranean way. Cook the macaroni. ...
Pizza gusti / Pizza to taste
Pizza gusti / Pizza to taste For the pizza gusti first prepare a yeast dough. Put the flour in a bowl and mix with salt. ...
Pizza soup with Cabanossi
Pizza soup with Cabanossi This pizza soup with cabanossi and mushrooms tastes very spicy. For the pizza soup Cabanossi cut into slices. ...
Pork medallions in tomato sauce
Pork medallions in tomato sauce taste very spicy and go well with fresh ciabatta or baguette. For the tomato sauce cut salami, onion and garlic into fine cubes. ...
Roasted courgettes
Roasted courgettes Fried zucchini is served with hot tomato sauce and can be served warm as a small starter, vegetable garnish or cold as antipasti. Cut the zucchini into slightly thicker slices, spread out on kitchen paper, sprinkle with salt and leave to soak for a few minutes. ...

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