Petit pain

petit pain

Petit Pain is a small crispy baguette or baguette roll made from wheat flour, which can have different sizes and weights depending on the bakery. When I use Petit Pain in my recipes, they weigh about 100 g each and are about 25 cm long. Often a large baguette is too much for one, so a petit pain of the size is enough. Petit Pain can be topped like a sandwich with salad, tomato, cucumber, sausage or ham and cheese or served with a sweet spread like honey or jam. Petit Pain is also very suitable as a small warm meal, if you serve sauerkraut or Bavarian cabbage and hot sausages. Petit Pain also goes very well as a side dish with soups or stews.

All data per 100 g:
265 kcal
52 g
8 g
2 g

Recipes with Petit pain

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