Pepper & Salt

Pepper & Salt

Pepper and salt are the most common spices, which will probably not be missing in any household. They go well with almost all dishes, but should be used sparingly, as many dishes already taste spicy. When I write pepper & salt as an ingredient, I usually mean finely ground black pepper because it is not as hot as white pepper. As salt one can use simple inexpensive household salt without additives.

All data per 100 g:
150 kcal
26 g
6 g
2 g

Recipes with Pepper & Salt

Acquacotta with tomato soup
Acquacotta with tomato soup is a typical mushroom soup from Tuscany. Cleaning mushrooms. ...
Adana Kebap
Adana Kebap is a spicy minced meat skewer made from lamb minced, which is served on flat bread. I used a flat pita bread, as you can see in the picture above, as it gets crispier when grilling and looks more decorative. ...
Aioli cream
Aioli cream is versatile. For the preparation, all ingredients should have room temperature so that the cream does not curdle. ...
Aioli Eggs Salad
Aioli Eggs Salad This aioli egg salad is prepared with prawns. Boil the eggs hard. ...
Ajvar Paprika Sauce
Ajvar Paprika Sauce is versatile. It comes from the Balkans and goes very well with grilled steak and cevapcici. ...
Ajvar soup with minced meat
Ajvar soup with minced meat For Ajvar soup with minced meat first cut red onions into fine cubes. Drain the pickled eggplants in oil and dice. ...
Albondigas en salsa de tomate Tapas
Albondigas en salsa de tomate Tapas are served in Spain with white bread. Scald meat tomatoes with boiling water. ...
Albondigas minced meat balls
Albondigas minced meat balls Albondiga's minced meat balls are served in Spain as tapas hot or cold with a glass of wine. For Albondiga's minced meat balls first season beef minced meat with pepper, salt and pressed garlic. ...
Albondigas with Chili
Albondigas with Chili Albondigas with chilli are Spanish hot meatballs. They can be served as tapas hot or cold. ...

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