Pears are very sensitive to pressure, which is why they are usually not sold ready for consumption. It's best to let them ripen for a few more days. Pears can be eaten raw with a bowl or cooked as compote. They are tasty as a cake topping or as a side dish to game dishes and combined with cheese also with salad. Pears are best stored in a cool place, but not in the fridge. There are sweet pears with soft flesh, which are more suitable for desserts, and slightly tart pears with firm flesh, which are suitable for compote or baking.

All data per 100 g:
60 kcal
16 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Pears

Apple jelly with pear
Apple jelly with pear tastes particularly aromatic if you use a slightly spicy apple variety such as Cox Orange or Boskop. The apples and pears should not be completely ripe, if possible, as they contain more pectin and thus gel better. ...
Balsamico spice pears
Balsamico spice pears For Balsamico spice, peel ripe, relatively firm pears and cut into small cubes. In a frying pan let out butter. ...
Bean salad with pears
Bean salad with pears This autumnal bean salad with pears is a small starter, which harmonizes very well with hearty dishes from the North German cuisine. Wash, clean and halve the green beans. ...
Camembert in leaves dough
Camembert in leaves dough is served warm. Defrost the leaves for 10 minutes. ...
Camembert Raclette
Camembert Raclette For Camembert Raclette, cut pears into slices and place in a raclette pan. Cut the ham into thin slices and place on top. ...
Canapes with Roquefort
Canapes with Roquefort taste very spicy. Cut the bread into slices and spread with soft butter. ...
Cardamom pear cake
Cardamom pear cake For the cardamom pears cake peel small firm pears and cut off a thin slice from the bottom so that they stand better. Bring wine, water, 200 g sugar, cardamom seeds, cloves, anise and cinnamon to the boil. ...
Chocolate Pudding with Eggs Liqueur
Chocolate Pudding with Eggs Liqueur Chocolate pudding with egg liqueur harmonizes particularly well with a ripe sweet Williams Christ pear and reminds tastefully of pear Helene. Mix chocolate pudding powder with sugar. ...
doughnuts with pears
Doughnuts with pears Fritters with pears are prepared in the deep fryer and taste best warm. A firm variety such as Abate Fetel is particularly suitable as a pear. ...

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