Orange slice

Orange slice

Orange slice (engl. orange slices, franz. tranches d'oranges, ital. trancie d'arance, span. lonchas de naranjas ) are mainly used for the decoration of cocktails, long drinks, cold cuts at buffets or desserts. It looks very decorative if you leave the peel on the orange slices. Then, however, you should take care to use untreated oranges. If you use an orange slice to decorate canap├ęs or salads, you can also remove the peel beforehand so that you can eat the orange slice with it. It is best to use a seedless variety of oranges for decoration.

All data per 100 g:
53 kcal
12 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Orange slice

A touch of honey tea grog
A touch of honey tea grog is prepared with strongly boiled tea. Pour hot black tea into a heat-resistant grog glass. ...
Aperol Spritz
Aperol Spritz tastes very refreshing, similar to white wine spritzer, only with a slightly bitter note. Aperol tastes milder and is not as bitter as Campari. ...
Batida di Coco Orange
Batida di Coco Orange For Batida di Coco Orange first fill ice cubes into a shaker. Add vodka, Batida di Coco, cream and freshly squeezed orange juice. ...
Blood Orange
Blood Orange is a non-alcoholic, very fruity and refreshing long drink that tastes good to children and adults alike. Put ice cubes in a tall drinking glass. ...
Canapes with chicken breast
Canapes with chicken breast For canapes with chicken breast you can use different spiced varieties of smoked chicken breast as cold cuts. Cut the bread into slices, spread with spreadable butter and cover with small plucked lettuce. ...
Canapes with goose breast
Canapes with goose breast taste particularly aromatic with homemade orange butter. Cut the bread into slightly thicker slices. ...
Canapes with liver sausage
Canapes with liver sausage to prepare as desired with fine or coarse liver sausage. Cut the bread into slices. ...
Canapes with trout fillet
Canapes with trout fillet can also be served on small round slices of pumpernickel. Meter bread in slices cut, with soft butter spread and with small plucked head salad coat. ...
Cocktail Adria Look Champagne
Cocktail Adria Look Champagne The Cocktail Adria Look Champagne is a fruity cocktail. Pour ice cubes into a shaker. ...

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